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PANOS; Adjustable; 3.5″ Square

PANOS; Adjustable; 3.5″ Round

PANOS; Adjustable; 2.25″ Square

PANOS; Wall Wash; 7.25″

D4R Retrofit Downlight

Ketra’s D4R retrofit downlight is an elegant downlight solution with a 4” aperture. Featuring field-adjustable regress and IC-rated housing, the D4R supports a variety of ceiling types including 2×6 joists.  Each unit responds to wireless control and is individually-addressable through Ketra’s accompanying software. The D4R is equipped with Ketra’s full suite of solutions:

SAE201 Adjustable Concealed Cove

SAE201 is a versatile, concealed, architectural cove light with the flexibility to adjust beam angle pre or post installation.


This specification grade LED “aim from below” adjustable downlight is suitable for a variety of commercial, retail, and institutional applications, including outdoor cold environments.


The A2LED Series of specification grade LED adjustables are designed for use in a variety of architectural, retail, commercial and instituaitonal applications.

LITEISTRY(TM) 3″ Round Adjustable