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RLW Revalume(TM) Linear Wrap

Revalume(TM) Linear Wrap (RLW) provides a sleek, aesthetic, contemporary appearance while delivering advanced technology lighting solutions for a variety of applications. With continuous illumination, integrated controls and single or row mounting, Revalume Linear Wrap is flexible to your environment.

CNW Narrow Wrap

The CNW is an attractive, 4′ narrow LED wrap with decorative end caps and a polished look that makes it suitable for many applications. It features a frosted acrylic lens and comes fully assembled for quick installation.

CRW Round Wrap

The CRW is a versatile LED round wrap with decorative end caps and features field Switchable Lumen & CCT technology.

LED Wrap Light

The LED Wrap Light is the ideal replacement for existing fluorescent wrap lights. The Wrap Light offers an exceptional illumination perfect for a variety of settings such as shopping malls, offices, hospitals and classrooms.