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BASYS III; Round Wall Washer; 4″

BASYS III; Square Wall Washer; 4″

INTEGRAL; Wall Wash; 2″ x 13″

PANOS; Wall Wash; 3.5″ Square

PANOS; Wall Wash; 3.5″ Round

PANOS; Wall Wash; 2.25″ Square

PANOS; Wall Wash; 2.25″ Round

PANOS; Wall Wash; 7.25″


The D2LED Series of specification grade LED downlights and wall washers are designed for use in a variety of architectural, retail, commercial and institutional applications.

LiteBox Plus 6″ Commercial Remodel Downlight &amp Wall Wash

LiteBox Plus is an entry level commercial downlight and wall wash targeting distributors and contractors that remain price sensitive to using LEDs for general downlighting applications.