The ELEMENT 3" LED Flanged or Flangeless Adjustable Remodel is suited for below the ceiling installationwhere a seamless, mudded-in look is desired. Featuring a precision aiming mechanism with 0-40º tilt and 361ºnrotation, and ELEMENT's patented High-Low lamp positioning in a 5.75" deep housing mechanism. The mudnplate is designed integral to the housing while still allowing below the ceiling servicing and installation. Trimsnare offered in die-cast square or round, beveled or flat, flanged or flangeless, in 4 finishes all matching ELEMENTnnew construction trims.; ELEMENT Specular Reflectors reduce glare while creating a clean, quiet ceiling appearance.n Available finishes include Anodized Gold for a decorative accent, or Anodized Black for a truly silent ceiling look.n These beautiful trim accessories have been specifically designed to minimize any effect on light performance, color, and output.nn n - Can be easily installed or removedn - Mounts to existing trimn - Compatible with Fixed and Adjustable Housingsn - Finish Options: Anodized Gold (G) or Anodized Black (B)

Manufactured By: Element Lighting