Shadowless soft white diffuser drops a comfortable 1 below the finished ceiling Same thickness throughout lens for even light distribution unlike blown mold Frameless lens installs into housing with four torsion springs T Grid slot drywall DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEET BUILD YOUR SPEC SHEET VIEW IES

Manufactured By: Picasso Lighting


Standard powder-coated colors are white. Troffer style fixtures are not limited to white, consult factory for special applications.


Excellent design, precision-tooling and automated production is the combination that produces our troffer style housings. Most industry today uses pre-painted,folded 22 gauge steel. We use die formed 20 gauge steel with welded and sanded corners, that produce a seamless troffer with no light leaks. Ceiling thickness unrestricted.


Deep drop dish diffuser. Dish is formed soft white acrylic. Dish and reflector are a unitized assembly. Assembly is installed in housing utilizing torsion springs. Suction cup tool is provided to assist in dish removal.


Recessed Standard


Our recessed fixtures are made to be mounted in slot grid, T-bar and sheetrock ceilings. See mounting detail. Other ceiling types, please consult the factory, we can accommodate many different applications.