The Brussels architectural linear luminaire is the first of its kind to provide wall adjustable optics. Choice of mounting to tailor the distribution depending on the application, choose from Direct Downlight, Down/Forward, Direct/Indirect, Indirect/Forward, and Indirect/Up. Standard Prismatic Lens is set in Heavy Gauge Aluminum Housing. Built to comply with U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

Manufactured By: Eclipse Lighting

Color Temperature:

+/-2700K; +/-3000K; +/-3500K; +/-4000K; +/-5000K; see spec sheet for lumen output by temp

Fixture Size:

1-Foot (1): 14" Length | 4.5" Height | 4" Depth; 2-Foot (2): 24" Length | 4.8" Width | 4" Depth; 3-Foot (3): 36" Length | 4.8" Width | 4" Depth; 4-Foot (4): 48" Length | 4.8" Width | 4" Depth