SPECIFICATIONS:n• BACKPLATE — 16 Ga. aluminum (AL).n• BACKBOX — 16 Ga. aluminum (AL) with wire access on four sides and back through 7/8” dia. KO flattened water tight (Optional for surface conduit entry or standard with emergency battery).n• CAGE — Square extruded aluminum bars permanently secured by hidden means to the frame. Standard configurations shown.n• DIFFUSER — White translucent, fully enclosed non-yellowing 100% virgin acrylic, .125 Thick (1/8”).n• DRIVER — Universal Volt (120-277v) electronic driver with 0-10VDC dimming is standard.n• FASTENERS — Stainless steel tamperproof screws —(2) To secure cage/frame in place.n• FINISH — Corrosion and Weather resistant, extremely durable pre-treated oven baked polyester powder.n• GASKETING — High Temp., non-aging black EPDM and/or neoprene rubber around the entire lens perimeter & rear wire entrance hole to protect against dust, moisture & outside contaminants.n• MOUNTING — Use (4) or (6) 5/16” diameter holes for 1/4” diameter bolts for outdoor or indoor. 7/8” KO in Center for Wire Access. Must de-rate lamping for horizontal.n• WALL WASH — CTB is Standard with Uplight or/and Downlight. For wall wash patterns specify: UP (Uplight) or DN (Downlight) or UP/DN (Up and Downlight).n• COMPLIANCE — Built to comply with U.S. and Canadian safety standards. Suitable for wet locations.

Manufactured By: Eclipse Lighting

Color Temperature:

+/-3000K; +/-3500K; +/-4000K; +/-5000K; Red / Green / Blue Color Tuning; Tunable White

Fixture Size:

30: 12.25 Width x 30 Tall x 7.25 Depth; ADA: 8.25 Wide x 4 Depth; Basic M: 8.25 Wide x 11 Tall x 4 Depth; Basic L: 8.25" Wide x 13.25" Tall x 4" Depth; Basic XL: 8.25" Wide x 16" Tall x 5.25" Depth; Basic XL1: 9.25" Wide x 21" Tall x 5.25" Depth; Basic XL2: 12.25" Wide x 26.25" Tall x 7.25" Depth; Basic XL3: 14" Wide x 41" Tall x 8.25" Depth; Slim XL1: 5.5" Wide x 18" Tall x 4" Depth; Slim XL2: 5.5" Wide x 26" Tall x 4" Depth; Slim XL3: 5.5" Wide x 38" Tall x 4" Depth; Slim XL4: 5.5" Wide x 51" Tall x 4" Depth