Cirrus Ceiling T1 is a linear LED fixture that offers direct light in a clean, contemporary style. Cirrus is available in various increments from 12" ton 480" (40'), a 176 beam spread, and a variety of finishes with Warm Dim,n Dynamic/Tunable White and RGB options. Fixture includes a 5 yearn pro-rated warranty. For custom designs and quotes, send drawings ton n n Wattages for this fixture are available in the following options:; 24VDC 0-10V Power Supply (Sold Separately):n PSB-25W-010-24VDC 25 Watt 24 Volt DC Power Supplyn PSB-60W-010-24VDC 60 Watt 24 Volt DC Power Supplyn PSB-96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 96 watt outputn PSB-2X96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 2x96 watt outputn PSB-3X96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 3x96 watt outputn PSB-4X96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 4x96 watt outputn 24VDC 0-10V Power Supply Comparison Chartn 24VDC ELV Power Supply (Sold Separately):n PS-60L-ELV-24VDC 60 Watt 24 Volt DC Power Supplyn PSB-60W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 60 watt outputn PSB-2X60W-ELV-24VDC 2x60 Watt 24 Volt DC Power Supplyn PSB-100W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 96 watt outputn PSB-2X100W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 2x96 watt outputn PSB-3X100W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 3x96 watt outputn PSB-4X100W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 4x96 watt outputn 24V ELV Power Supply Comparison Chart

Manufactured By: PureEdge Lighting