The Comet Pendant series will bring a dramatic effect into any space. Galileo pendants are 13" diameter, and Comet shield design starts at 24" up to 36". A choice of top/bottom configurations including open, closed, clear, or opaque, provides options to suit almost any environment. The solid aluminum shield is a blank canvas that can be personalized with a custom logo, design or finish. The Galileo family of pendants are made with corrosion, weather, and tamperproof components. Built to comply with U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

Manufactured By: Eclipse Lighting

Color Temperature:

+/-3000K; +/-4000K; +/-5000K

Fixture Size:

XL1: 24" Tall x 13" Dia; XL2: 30" Tall x 13" Dia; XL3: 36" Tall x 13" Dia