The Equinox series has decorative bars configured to mimic the "Prairie Style" homes found in the Midwest. Starting in sizes 16" and up, the mostly Perfex sconce provides attractive ambient light, with an effective and powerful wall wash. If needed, the side panels can be modified for more/less light output. Fully enclosed translucent lens, aluminum frame and perforation, illuminated with LED. Several outdoor rated finishes to choose from, or submit a color sample to match. The Galileo family of sconces are made with corrosion, weather, and tamperproof components. Built to comply with U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

Manufactured By: Eclipse Lighting

Color Temperature:

+/-3000K; +/-3500K; +/-4000K; +/-5000K; Red / Green / Blue Color Tuning; Tunable White

Fixture Size:

30: 12.25 Width x 30 Tall x 7.25 Depth; ADA: 8.25 Wide x 4 Depth; Basic XL: 8.25" Wide x 16" Tall x 5.25" Depth; Basic XL1: 9.25" Wide x 21" Tall x 5.25" Depth; Basic XL2: 12.25" Wide x 26.25" Tall x 7.25" Depth; Basic XL3: 14" Wide x 41" Tall x 8.25" Depth