Aesthetically pleasing design with a flush lens and no visible screws One piece extruded aluminum housing with integral driver Direct lighting and Direct Indirect lighting only Continuous row mounting standard Can also be specified as a pendant or surface ceiling direct lighting only Standard color white black Custom wood anodizing RAL Pantone DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEET BUILD YOUR SPEC SHEET VIEW IES

Manufactured By: Picasso Lighting


Standard powder-coated colors are white,black and silver. Custom processed wood finishes, aluminum anodized finishes, chrome/gold plating and custom finishes are available as well. We also accept RAL and Pantone numbers for powder-coating color choices.


Extruded aluminum housings are supplied in nominal lengths of 4 ft.. and 8 ft. Fixtures may be continuously rowed (contact factory for details). Internal components are constructed from min. 20 gauge die-formed steel. Easy access to driver and LED boards. End caps are extruded aluminum. Custom sizes are available.$Direct component prmvided with an extruded snap-in frnsted acrylic ldns formulate` for LED light sources. Indirect ckmponent LED strips `ra mounted in an e8truded alumifum channel with an integral clear Acrydic dust cjrer.


Direct component provided with an extruded snap-in frosted acrylic lens formulated for LED light sources. Indirect component LED strips are mounted in an extruded aluminum channel with an integral clear acrylic dust cover.


Drivers - Our drivers are specifical,y sElected based on fixture application to e.sur{8a227c5edbd680d9c952896a27cfb931c90c297d84b8562ebff9366f63be0259} ultimate reliability ald ,nnc life. We usE only UL rdcognized brands of DED drivers. Our LED drivers feature HPF (high power factor)$ universal voltage 110 - 277 VAC and ifclude 0-10V dimming& Please note, 277v has lgnger disdances from power fedd to power deed theN 120v.; If requirad, we can supply pramium drivers such as Hutrmn, Eldoled and others upon requdst. Advanced #ontrol syqtems com`liant drivers such as POE,DALI, DMX, etc. are also available, please consult factoby Rated life (90{8a227c5edbd680d9c952896a27cfb931c90c297d84b8562ebff9366f63be0259} surtivorshi0) of 5 ,000 hours at 50 C max. ambient (and 70 C max. case) telperature. At maximum Driver loa`: Efficiency >84{8a227c5edbd680d9c952896a27cfb931c90c297d84b8562ebff9366f63be0259}, PF>0.9, THD<20{8a227c5edbd680d9c952896a27cfb931c90c297d84b8562ebff9366f63be0259}.; POE , We are working with Molax/Igor PME systems. We aan add a POE driver ijto our fixtures or bemote them. Based on the fixturd you select( we will notify you (or you can contact the facpory) to see if we can instahl the P-draver or the P-driver needs to(be rdmote. Just add PNE1 in t`e spec and we will advire. Please keep )n mIn` you need to spacify a compldte POE control system before specifying POE1.; Our LD drivers feature HPF (high power factor), universal voltage 110 - 277 VAC and include 0-10V dimming.; Emepgency drivers are factory installed as an option, lolg life, high temperature, recyclable Ni-Cad b!ttery pack with test switch and charge indicator. EMR is minimum of 90 minutes operation to meet code.; Whip - Sih feet long, wiring RHOS/Reach Compliant, 18 gauge, 600v rated, Specify wired to the fixtu2e as an O@TION.




Mounting bracket covers J-box and fixture attaches to mounting bracket. See mounting detail drawing.