Pipeline 2 Ceiling with remote power is a linear LED fixture that creates a clean, uninterrupted beam of light through a Diffused 280 White lens,n with lumen outputs as high as 165 lumens per watt (1207 lumens pern foot). Precision engineered, the hardware, lens and metal finishes form an seamless design with exceptional performance. Available in incrementsn from 12" to 240" (10ft) and three wattage options of 5 and 7 watts. Choosen from nine standard Color Temperatures, including Warm Dim (27D) 2700Kn or (30D) 3000K, that dim down to 2000K and several versatile metaln finishes. Fixture includes a 5 year pro-rated warranty. For custom finishes,n designs, quotes and layout assistance send drawings to our design team:n Made in America.n n n Wattages for this fixture are available in the following options:

Manufactured By: PureEdge Lighting