Soft Strip (SS3) RGB provides dynamic color effects with red, green and blue LEDs. The 1/2" wide flexible copper strip, with an optically clearn protective coating, is sold in 1 ft increments up to 36 ft with cuttingn increments every 4 inches. Snap & Light Power Connector is required andn is sold separately (pages 3-4). Additional Snap & Light Connectors (pagesn 3-4) are also available for making custom configurations. At only 2.6 wattsn per foot, this system can be controlled using a compatible RGB 24 voltn DC power supply with RGB DMX driver. Self-adhering SS3 mounts to mostn smooth finished surfaces with industrial strength 3M tape (provided onn back of strip); some unfinished surfaces may require screw-in mountingn clips (sold separately). Designed for indoor, open-air environments, SS3n includes a flexible aluminum heat sink to extend LED life. Soft Strip isn compatible with solderless Snap & Light Connectors. Fixtures include a 5n year warranty.

Manufactured By: PureEdge Lighting