TruLine 1A BIY (Build-It-Yourself) allows for creating more complex configurations using pre-formed components for simplifyingn the installation process. The versatile 24VDC linear plaster-inn LED system, creates a glare-free, smooth line of light, indoorn architectural lighting. The system recesses into 5/8" thick drywalln without joist modification. May be secured to studs that are spacedn 13"-24" apart, or between studs with mounting clips provided.n TruLine 1A is sold in 1' increments up to 40' (2WDC, White LEDsn only), 20' (5WDC, White, 2K4K or RGB LEDs) or 16' (6WDC,n RGB+W) and field cuttable to any length. Several color temperaturen options are available, including 2200K-5700K (ELV/010), Warm Dimn (ELV), Tunable White (ELV/010/DMX), RGB and RGB+W (DMX).n High CRI commercial-grade White or Dynamic Color Changingn LED Soft Strip projects a clean line of light. Coordinate installationn with electrician and drywall contractors. Includes a 5 yearn pro-rated warranty.

Manufactured By: PureEdge Lighting