Veil Ceiling or Wall, is a slim, Plaster-In Aluminum Channel with a 3" opening, paintable Aluminum Backer Plate, emitting ambient illumination.n The 24VDC linear LED system mounts directly to studs without joistn modification or between studs and plasters into 5/8" or thicker drywall.n Veil Ceiling or Wall is sold in 1' increments up to 10'. Several colorn temperature options are available, including 2200K-5700K (ELV/010),n Warm Dim (ELV), Tunable White (ELV/010/DMX), RGB, and RGB+W (DMX).n High CRI commercial-grade White or Dynamic Color Changing LEDn Soft Strip projects a clean line of light. Coordinate installation with electriciann and drywall contractors. For custom design and layout assistance, sendn drawings to

Manufactured By: PureEdge Lighting